Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blogger Recognition Award – My Favorite Blogs

Lately I have been working long hours to improve my blog. Getting Waylon to sleep at 8pm then working until midnight planning and writing posts. It has been draining, yet I am glad to see the work finally paying off. Recently, Maya Israr from the blog Maya’s Diary nominated fifteen bloggers who she thought were great fits for the blogger recognition award, Pinups & Pearls being one of them! I have been pretty down on myself lately about blogging. I have felt like there is just not enough of me to do everything that I want to do. Also, I have felt like a lot of people haven’t taken my passion for blogging seriously. So when Maya nominated me I felt not only honored but it gave me pride in my work. Her blog is beautiful and we share similar interests. Thank you Maya!

blogger recognition award


As part of the award, I am to tell you guys how Pinups & Pearls came about. Five years ago was when I first began blogging. I originally started a blog geared towards sewing and bargain shopping. I named my blog Sew Your Hoot Out. (Yes, I love owls). It gave me something to do when Matthew was deployed or working night shifts on the flight line. The blog itself was very ugly, yet it was my pride and joy. Fast forward and life happened. Things were chaotic between college, jobs, cosmetology school, moving nine times and so on. My blog pretty much became nonexistent.

I started a website to promote my hair and makeup business and named it Pinups & Pearls. After having our son I decided to join them and bring both passions together. Now Waylon is going on a year old and I am trying to write more consistently. My overall goal is to reach a bigger audience. I genuinely love hair and makeup but there is something about helping others that makes me happy. I try to find the best of the best for my readers. Whether it is a sale on my favorite clothes or the best spaghetti recipe. They can find a little piece of everything here. I will continue to work my late nights for them.


As for new bloggers, stay consistent! It is so hard to stay consistent when blogging is not your full time job. However, push yourself to always do your best and put out content weekly. Secondly, be truthful to your readers. I see so many bloggers who promote products for the wrong reasons. My readers will find my reviews to be genuine. Yes, I do make a tiny commission on affiliate links but I only post about the products I absolutely love. Staying true to myself has been my top priority in posts for Pinups & Pearls, and I definitely took this into consideration when picking 15 bloggers to nominate this award to. Ladies, I absolutely love your blogs and hope you continue to pass this award along to your favorites. Award rules are listed below!


  1. – A fashion and beauty blogger who loves to travel. (One of the first bloggers I ever followed).
  2. – Blog about the best deals on high end fashion and home décor.
  3. – A travel and fashion blogger who lives in the Austin, Texas area.
  4. – A military wife/mother who does everything from writing, teaching and working out.
  5. – A 20 year old blogger whose writing gears towards happiness, hope and overcoming fears.
  6. – A Chicago based lifestyle blogger who loves fashion and beauty.
  7. – Two women who have came together to bring their readers a blog about recipes, home, fashion, beauty and encouragement.
  8. – A blogger who loves coffee and Jesus.
  9. – A fashion and lifestyle blogger with a love for travel.
  10. – A wife/mother blogger who loves to bargain shop and is a fitness competitor.
  11.– A blogger who loves cooking, fitness, fashion and travel.
  12. – A fashion and beauty blogger who loves high end fashion but at bargain prices.
  13. – A blog about lifestyle, fashion and self care.
  14. – A blogger/YouTube beauty and fashion guru.
  15. – A blog that shares knowledge of style, beauty and world travels.


Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Write a post to show your award!

Give a brief story of how your blog started.

Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers!

Choose 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them. Provide the link to the post you created.

Optional: follow them on Instagram!


  1. Thank you !!!! I will have to create my list ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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