Thursday, September 14, 2017

DIY Safari Theme Birthday Numbers

Waylon’s birthday party is coming up and we decided to do it in a safari theme since he loves Tarzan. My dad has custom built a jeep photo booth and his invitations were made to look like passports. I will be posting all of the details after his party is over so that way y’all can see everything. I ran across pictures on Pinterest of people making large numbers that can be used as apart of their backdrop or on the front of the main table. Yet I couldn’t seem to find very much on anything that was safari related. So I decided to go out and buy everything and make one myself. Let me know what you guys think!

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diy safari theme birthday numbers

First, I went to my local Dollar Tree and purchased a piece of cardboard. I usually have tons of boxes leftover from our subscribe and save through Amazon but Matthew had just taken them to the dump. I went through and bought every tissue paper in their birthday section that had green in it. It was a bit of a pain going through them all so I suggest just buying them here. I made sure to have two different color greens to add dimension. The last item you will need is either a hot glue gun, tape or in my case I used fabric adhesive.

safari number decor

First, you will want to trace out the size of your number. I chose a kitchen knife to cut mine out but I am sure you can use something that is much safer. I tried using scissors and it was cutting everything unevenly.

safari number decor

Make sure to cut your tissue paper 5 by 5. Then stuff the center of the paper into your hand like the picture below. This will give you plenty of tissue to glue to the cardboard.

safari number decor

After everything is glued this will be what your end result looks like. I wish I would have just ordered the tissue so I could have had darker colors but I still think it turned out pretty well considering I paid only $8 for everything. Let me know if y’all have any questions!

safari number decor

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