Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DockATot Review : How We Co-Sleep

Over the course of a few weeks, I have been putting together an ultimate baby registry list for you guys. However, I am finding there are a few products that I want to go more in depth with. One of the first being a purchase we made when our son was around 3 months old. If you have read my previous post you already know we had a rocky start as parents. After our son outgrew his HALO Bassinest, we looked into purchasing a DockATot.


(These were obviously taken at Christmas when we first purchased ours. He slept while we finished putting our tree together).

The DockATot has different uses but we use it mostly for co-sleeping. (I do realize not everyone co-sleeps so please be nice.) It pretty much makes your baby feel as if he/she is still in the womb. Our son is extremely restless and constantly moves while sleeping. I woke up and found him on the opposite end of his bassinet one morning and that is when I decided to go on and purchase the DockATot. Since then, he no longer tosses and turns through the night and sleeps on average 10 hours. I can not say enough AMAZING things about what this product has done for us. It definitely has been a game changer and has given this momma some of her sanity back. Yet, there are a few things that I wish were different.


First, you get what you pay for. What I mean is that you are going to fork out a pretty penny for this thing. Is it worth it? Yes! But it is a bit expensive so if you are pregnant go on and start saving up. There are also two sizes to choose from. The Deluxe will accommodate a child up to 9 months old. You can then buy the Grand, which will last until they are 3. The DockATot comes with whatever color cover you choose. I read a lot of reviews where people suggested buying a second cover but I didn’t. Instead I take one of the bassinet mattress protectors and lay it where his bottom is. I went from washing it everyday to every few days with this trick. (It is not suggested to put anything in your DockATot but this is what I choose to do).

When it comes to washing, you either can hand wash or place it in a large mesh laundry bag. This will make sure nothing snags. You also want to make sure you air dry it. (See why I hated washing it everyday). If for some reason a piece of your DockATot gets ruined, the company does allow you to buy spare parts. This way you are not forking out another pretty penny.

Overall, I hope this helps you guys who may be on the fence about purchasing one of these bad boys. If you have any questions please let me know! Oh, and here is a code for $10 off!

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