Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Family Photos For Waylon’s First Birthday

Most of you have been keeping up with my Instagram and have already seen a few of my favorites from our family photo shoot. We had such a blast and I am beyond ecstatic with how well they turned out. A lot of you have been wanting to see more of them so I thought I would post them here. You can also find a list of what we used and wore at the bottom of this post.

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family photos

This was a top favorite for both of us. Waylon had just started to get to the point he was finished with photos and I am pretty sure this was the last photo taken before his meltdown.

family photos

As for my favorite of Matthew and Waylon this would be it. Waylon loves tractors and even more he loves his daddy. Matthew will always be his super hero.

family photos

Out of all of the photos she took of Waylon, this is by far my favorite. It’s funny because I thought for sure he would have Matthew’s dark skin and brown eyes. However, he has my pasty skin and blue eyes. Yet he looks identical to his dad.


  • White/Red Wagon – We used a white one but there are even wooden ones that are pretty!
  • Plaid Fabric – Again I went to Joann’s and picked up two yards of fabric for us to sit on. I plan on cutting it and using it as a scarf as well.
  • Tractor – Matthew’s dad had just cut the back yard a day prior so we used it as a prop.


  • Chelsea – I wore a dress by VICI. They no longer have the one I wore but they do have a huge variety of maxi dresses here. I used a coupon through their email subscription to purchase mine.
  • Matthew – His top came from the new Goodfellow & Co line and you can find his pants here.
  • Waylon – His top was from Old Navy but his pants were by Cat & Jack. His shoes were Timberlands.


I apologize for not being able to post as regularly these past 2 weeks. I have taken on my last college class and it has been time consuming to say the least. Not to mention Matthew’s crazy schedule and dealing with a teething one year old. This past weekend was crazy with five weddings and I have been taking a few other classes to help my blogging business grow. So this week I plan on revamping my Pinterest account and then hopefully Monday I can get back into my routine of posting more.

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