Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Favorite Bassinet – HALO Bassinest

Our son was born at 38 weeks and was over 8lbs! Shortly after delivering him they rushed him to NICU because he wasn’t breathing right. I will save that story for another day but we went home 2 days later. A week after our son was born, he stopped breathing while I was holding him. It lasted for about 8 seconds and then he gasped for air. You want to talk about a mental breakdown. I lost what was left of my sanity.

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His pediatrician said it seemed he may be experiencing periodic breathing. She explained that all babies have it to some degree but most parents don’t realize it because it rarely happens. However, our son was one of the few who was experiencing it often. So we were admitted for an overnight stay to make sure it wasn’t anything else. The next morning the doctor on call clarified it was for sure periodic breathing. She tried to reassure me that I should not be concerned because he could grow out of it within the next 6 months. Six months! How was I supposed to sleep at night knowing my baby was going to stop breathing?

Both his pediatrician and the doctor on call suggested not investing in a monitor. The doctor recommended him sleeping in his own room but I couldn’t do that. I needed something that would allow me to see him better at night. I began researching bassinets that were more for co-sleeping and ran across the HALO Bassinest . I had heard of them while I was pregnant but in my mind I honestly thought it wouldn’t be worth the extra money. (Let me tell you that you will spend your last dime to have your sanity). Right then I purchased one and picked it up an hour later on our way home.


Side note – If you live on a second story like we do, I will worn you that it is extremely heavy.

My husband spent about 45 minutes putting it together and I have been in love sense. That night I laid our son down and was able to sleep right next to him. I love that I don’t even have to open my eyes to hear him breathing. For the first time in a week I was able to finally rest.

We haven’t had any issues with our HALO. I even purchased an extra set of sheets and mattress protectors because as you see above my son loves to lay on his side. He ends up wetting the bed when he does this so I bought an extra set to have on hand. I also purchased the storage caddy to hold his late night bottles, pacifiers and burp cloths.

The HALO Bassinest is perfect for nursing mothers because the side wall can be lowered to tend to your baby. It swivels all the way around and will adjust to the height of most beds.

I can’t say enough good things about this bassinet. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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