Sunday, November 20, 2016

Prepping For Winter In My Favorite Thermals

           Last year I bought a pair of thermals to keep me warm during the winter. I purchased them last minute and realized they were not of good quality. So after having our son I decided to take my time and find the perfect pair. One thing I noticed as I started searching was that a lot of thermals are very thin. When I say thin I mean that if I am getting cold in the fitting room after trying them on, then they are not meant for me.


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          After about a month of looking around I decided to try out the Duofold Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt and Leggings. I was so surprised with the quality of these thermals for half the price of the ones I found in retail stores. They are thin enough to wear under regular clothes but thick enough to keep you warm. There is a pretty decent color selection considering they are thermals. I bought the black pair but I am going to end up purchasing a white pair as well.

I also saw that there is a heavy weight double layer shirt and leggings that would be perfect for you girls who love to go hunting or camping. They are a bit more when it comes to price but I am sure they are just as good of quality as their mid weights are.

What are some of your staples for the winter months?

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