Friday, July 21, 2017

First Family Vacation 2017

It was pretty easy picking out a destination for our first family vacation. Since Matthew has been working so much we decided to take a trip back to good ole Beaufort, SC. Matthew had been stationed there for six years and wanted to make the trip for multiple reasons. First, we still have friends there. Second, Parris Island is my home away from home. Third, we know some pretty awesome places to eat. Oh and not to mention that staying on base is much more affordable than out in town.

The first mistake we made was leaving at 10am. Our usual eight hour trip turned into twelve as we made it to the gates of Parris Island at 11pm. We had planned for Waylon to sleep in his Dockatot in the packnplay but that did not go the way we wanted it to either. Our first morning there we decided to eat at the Red Rooster Café where I inhaled a breakfast burrito. We spent some time driving around because of the rain and then headed to Panini’s for dinner. I will always have a special place in my heart for Panini’s because it is where Matthew took me before he proposed.

The next day we spent driving around because it continued to rain. For lunch we stopped at Groucho’s and met up with one of Matthew’s close friends from his previous squadron. There is literally no sandwich place that can compare to Groucho’s. Afterwards, we attempted to walk around on Parris Island but due to the rain once again we got back in the car. That evening we had dinner with some old friends at Fat Patty’s (the best burger place in Beaufort). Me and Matthew always split their turkey burger and sweet potato fries. Since we were on vacation I tried their margarita and I have to say I was impressed. We ended the dinner with a scoop of their burnt marshmallow ice-cream. Y’all, it was so good we went back the next night to get more.

The third day we woke up and went to a place called Lazy Susan’s for breakfast. Talk about some great crepes! Afterwards, we went down to the beach. It was extremely windy so we only staid for a little over an hour. Waylon took a long nap in our room while we got ready for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant – Bella Luna’s. Our room didn’t come with a DVD player, so we rented a Redbox and waited for Waylon to fall asleep so we could watch a movie on Matthew’s laptop.

Our final day in Beaufort was long. We checked out of our room and headed to the Air Station to meet up with some people Matthew worked with. After a few hours we headed back to Parris Island and parked the car to walk around. We went down to the parade deck to see Waylon’s brick my parents bought for him. Afterwards, we walked to the exchange. I had been eyeing this Sony a6000 that they had on sale and Matthew told me to buy it. The only problem was that our car was parked on the other side of base and my purse was inside. I was dressed in athletic wear so I told Matthew I would run over there and get the car. Mistake! I about died running in that humidity. The worse part was me tripping over a sidewalk in front of an entire platoon.

Even though it rained most of our stay we still had an amazing time. I have a love hate relationship with Beaufort. However, no matter where the Marine Corps sends us it will always feel like home when we are there.