Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why We Chose Goats Milk Formula

Before starting I would like to say I am not a judgmental person. However you choose to feed your baby is by no means any of my business nor anyone else’s. Fed is best and that is how it should be. Also, what may work for us may not work for you so ask your child’s pediatrician before trying anything new. (Please note: this post does include affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you.)

goats milk formula

I begin my story with the birth of our son Waylon. I breastfed him for a week and had many complications including him not latching, his weight dropped a total pound in three days and forming mastitis. This led to stress, guilt  and even depression. His pediatrician then recommended we start on formula. After reading article after article of all the side effects of feeding formula to your baby, I became worried of how Waylon would handle it. My motherly intuition was correct and within the first 24 hours Waylon was spitting up and his poop had changed.

I called his pediatrician and she recommended trying a gentler formula. His spitting up had eased but he became even more constipated. By this time we were two months postpartum. At his two month checkup she recommended Nutramigen. I was also given this formula as a baby because I was lactose intolerant and I had the gut feeling she would try to switch him, so leading up to his appointment I researched all the pros and cons. I had talked to my older sister about what Waylon was experiencing and she recommended asking about goats milk. “Goats Milk? Why would I give him goats milk?” I thought my sister had lost her mind. The conversation quickly ended and I went about my day. Later I recollected our conversation and began researching.

What I found was that goats milk is quite common in Europe. Studies have proven that goats milk is very easy for a stomach to digest. It has many of the main nutrients that breast milk contains. The main concern I noticed was many doctors tried not to recommend it before 6 months of age. There was nothing I found that went into detail as of why they did not recommend it, so at his two month checkup I decided to ask her opinion. We did some research together and she said she didn’t see any harm in giving it to him just as long as I bought this particular can of Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk and made sure to give him a multivitamin with iron. She said that if I didn’t notice any change or if he worsened then we would then try the Nutramigen.

So after leaving her office I began googling where I could find the goats milk. The only two places I could find it were Walmart and Amazon. Since it was going to take two days to get it from Amazon I went on to our local Walmart and purchased a can. I also purchased this Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Multivitamin with Iron. I then made my first mistake by giving him the 1ml of multivitamin all at once. He was so constipated afterwards and I became worried I had done the wrong thing by not buying the Nutramigen. So I called the doctor and she recommended making two pitchers of goats milk and adding the 1ml of multivitamin into one of them. I purchased this Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher and instead of buying two I poured the other in a large mason jar. At the time he was still eating every 2 hours so I would give him a bottle with the multivitamin and then two hours later give him a bottle without. This made a huge difference in his spitting up and constipation. For the first time his poop went back to what it looked like when I breastfed him. He acted like a complete different baby.

At his three month appointment she then gave me the okay to add in this droplet of The Honest Co. Baby DHA Dietary Supplement. I did the same thing and added the amount to an entire pitcher of goats milk. This way his stomach could break it down better. It wasn’t until he was around five months that I began making one pitcher at a time and adding the multivitamin and DHA droplet. This way every bottle he ate had a bit of both. Now that he is nine months old and we are starting new foods we no longer use the DHA but I still add his multivitamin. We have switched over to this NovaFerrum Multivitamin with Iron Supplement for Infants and Toddlers but honestly I do not see much of a difference in the two. Also, we started using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save for his goats milk. I have 10 cans sent each month roughly giving me an average $2 off each can.

In conclusion, we LOVE goats milk. I feel much better knowing Waylon is getting nutrients instead of unnecessary additives. It also has given me piece of mind knowing later on down the road if we were to have another baby that there is something out there that has just as many nutrients as breast milk does. Don’t forget that fed is best! Let me know if y’all have any further questions!



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