Thursday, November 10, 2016

Favorite Products For Colicky Babies

My son is two months old and two weeks ago he began to scream non stop. If you are a mother of a baby suffering from colic, you know exactly what I mean when I say I about lost my mind. So I am going to let you guys know what has worked for us on getting rid of colic.

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We were already using Little Remedies Gas Drops, but obviously this was not cutting it. I called his doctor and she recommended trying gripe water. Unfortunately not all babies will feel better after trying gripe water but it definitely was the game changer for my son. She also recommended trying both the drops and the gripe water together because of how gassy he is. There are different brands of gripe water out there but we went with Little Remedies Tummys Gripe Water, 4 Fluid Ounce.

The next thing I decided to do was change his bottles. He was originally using Advent which were great when he was a newborn. (I had to quit breastfeeding because I wasn’t producing enough milk.) So I tried out these Tommee Tippee bottles which are currently on sale. My son no longer gulps and I can tell he is not getting as much gas in his stomach. Every child is different though so you may find a different brand that works best for your baby. I will say I tried Tommee Tippee’s with him as a newborn and he would not latch to them. I almost gave them away but I am so glad I held on to them.

Another common remedy I have heard about is giving your baby a pacifier. I started giving one to my son when I no longer could breastfeed him. I have read that pacifiers can also reduce SIDS so we stocked up on a few different kinds. The favorite at our house is the Wubbanub. I picked out the reindeer and my husband chose the bull for his diaper bag. I love the fact my son can hold on to it. The other pacifiers we have end up falling out of his mouth causing him to get very irritated.

I also burp my son non stop. He is extremely gassy and I notice if I give him an entire bottle without burping him than I am going to pay for it later. I will occasionally take his legs and do the bicycle motion as well. This really helps move the gas around. If he still hasn’t burped I will lay him in his swing. We purchased a swing that ends up being a bouncer as well. It has two different vibration modes which are perfect for a gassy baby. They no longer make the exact one we have but the newest model is called Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer. I love anything that is all in one. Having less than 900sq ft. of living space is difficult with a baby.

I have heard of many more remedies but this is what has been working for us so far. I would love to hear what remedies helped with your colicky baby. Feel free to comment below!


  1. We have been using the Dr. Browns bottles with Graclyn ever since she was born. My milk never came in from complications it the have the straw which pushes the air to the top empty space of the bottle instead of going up through the milk. They have worked great for us she had colic once when she was about a month old. We fixed it with the gripe water. Love that stuff.

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