Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Beat The Odds – Graduating College

Graduating college has been something I have been pursuing for quite some time. Seven years ago I began my journey as a freshman. I spent a year on campus going to school full time, working part time, and joined a sorority. All the while, still making time to Skype Matthew at 2 am every morning while he was deployed to Afghanistan.
After a year, I decided to go completely online so I could move to South Carolina to be with him. My adviser at the time told me that if I did this, I would never graduate. However, I moved anyways and even through our house being broke into, two jobs and a move, I still continued my education.
I moved home the following fall because Matthew was getting ready for another deployment in November. This is when I decided to pursue a cosmetology license. From August to November I would go to my classes from 8-4 (Tuesday through Thursday) and go to cosmetology school from 5 -10 (Monday through Thursday). I would leave Friday mornings and drive 8 hours to South Carolina to see Matthew and then leave Monday mornings to be back in time for my 5 to 10 cosmetology class. It was exhausting but I felt it was worth it.
During the deployment, I still pursued both. Even though I had decided at that point that I was not meant to be a teacher. So during the summer, I went back to Beaufort and moved us into a house on base. I had to transfer to another cosmetology school that was an hour and a half away so I decided to take a break from college. I honestly was really upset at myself for it but I had started working as a salon assistant and between working, the drive, and cosmetology school, I knew I couldn’t do it.
So I waited a semester and reapplied for a new major in entrepreneurship. I did a semester online and then when Matthew deployed again I came home and finished a semester at home. I failed my accounting class and decided that to go three more years after already doing three years of college was not worth it. I transferred to a local community college and within a year I graduated with an associates. I was a few months pregnant with Waylon when I graduated and I felt defeated. So after Waylon was about 8 months old, I reached out to my old university asking to switch my major once again to whatever would be easiest to graduate with. I received a phone call on my birthday telling me that I had only two classes left!
So this past fall, I took my last two college classes. I made an A in both and graduated Saturday with a 3.2 GPA. While a lot of the people I sat with had earned their degrees in four years and were beginning a journey to big things, I sat there remembering all of the things I went through to get to this point. I started this past semester pursuing a bachelor’s so I could try to be an officer in the air guard. God however has shown me right now He has other plans for me. It has been a struggle but He knows what is best and His plan is much bigger than mine. So, as of right now I will not be pursuing some big job. However, I feel accomplished knowing I was able to finally finish something that I have worked so hard for. I told Matthew that Saturday was my Cinderella moment. During the week I clean, cook and take care of Waylon. For one night I was able to dress up and not worry about running after a one year old. When the night ended, I had to rush home to put him to bed as if nothing had happened.
I hope this helps inspire any of you who are discouraged. There is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise and once you get there you will be so proud of yourself. Make sure to keep positive people in your life and remember any dream is worth pursuing.

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