Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What’s In My Hospital Bag

Obviously I have already had my baby, but I still wanted to show you guys what I packed in my hospital bag. I have a full video here showing the exact items but some of them are no loner available. So I spent all of last night finding things that were similar or even better than what I originally packed. (Please note: this post does include affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission if you make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you.)


I used a duffel that I had purchased for my state board exams a few years ago. I ended up throwing it away after we came home from the hospital because the zipper broke. If I had to choose one now I would have went for this Adidas Defender II Small Duffel Bag, Med Grey. I know a lot of women want theirs to have a pretty print but I love that this could second as my gym bag.

Journal/Planner/Record Book

The next item I brought was this Baby’s Record Book. I honestly thought about leaving it out but last minute I decided to keep it and I am so happy I did! My water broke at 8:30am and I did not start pushing until about 10:45pm. During the hours in between, Matthew and I filled out a lot of our record book together. This helped my mind stay calm and focused. If you have read my pregnancy must haves you saw my planner journal. It has a full calendar plus a journal in the back. I loved having this throughout my pregnancy so I could write down special dates and letters to our son. I found this C.R. Gibson Baby on the Way Pregnancy Journal, Multicolor while researching last night. So if you are newly pregnant I honestly would recommend something like this instead of the one I bought. This way everything is all together.

Pediatrician’s Information

After giving birth, you will need to call your child’s pediatrician to book their first appointment. I had already met with our sons pediatrician to see if I would like her and so far she has been amazing! During this meeting she handed me a folder with a ton of information in it. I brought this so that way I could go over everything with Matthew. If you have the option of meeting your child’s pediatrician, then I recommend doing so. Ours was free of charge and it helped answer many questions.

Extra Tote Bag

The next item I packed was a tote bag. Our nurse was kind enough to let me take as much as I wanted when it came to free products. (Extra diapers, pads, mesh underwear, etc.). We had a few people bring us gifts as well. It made things so much easier our last day at the hospital because my husband didn’t have to run back and forth to load the car. The one I have is just one I bought from Old Navy a long time ago but I absolutely love this canvas tote! It will definitely be apart of my birthday wish list.

Toiletry Bag

Everyone’s toiletries differ but I made sure to bring shampoo, conditioner, body wash, contact solution, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, prenatal vitamins, bb cream, mascara and lip balm. My bag is no longer available but I did find this small cosmetic bag. If you don’t want to purchase one then you can always use Ziplocs.


During labor I used whatever the hospital had but after my first shower I put on my pajamas. I recommend buying a larger size so that way you feel comfortable as your body is adjusting. If you plan on breast feeding then make sure you have easy access to do so. I was only able to breast feed our son for a week but I made sure my pajamas were button downs. I also don’t recommend buying very expensive pajamas just in case they do get ruined.



I packed 2 pairs of socks because the last thing I wanted was to have cold feet. I am obsessed with these Women’s Adidas Superlite 2-Pack No-Show Socks, Size One Size – Black and they just so happen to match the duffel I listed above. If you don’t like wearing socks then I suggest slippers because you will be getting out of bed ever so often. These Women’s Minnetonka ‘Chrissy’ Slipper Bootie look so comfy. I chose to bring my own because they were in pretty bad shape. Before we left the hospital I made sure to throw them away. (If you don’t plan on doing this then bring a Ziploc so germs don’t spread to your other belongings).


Whether you are breastfeeding or not you will want to bring comfortable bras. If nursing I recommend these sleep style bras. However, when it came time to going home I wore a normal nursing bra like this Dorina May Nursing Bra – White. I also chose to bring a hands-free bra specifically meant for pumping but never used it. Make sure to have a few nursing pads handy as well as a nursing cover. I bought this multipurpose cover so that I could use it for different things. When it comes to underwear, the mesh ones at the hospital were way better than the ones I brought. Make sure to stock up on them before you leave.


Going Home Outfit

When it came to packing an outfit for the day we left, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. I picked up the softest t-shirt Matthew had and paired it with ASOS Maternity Seam-Free Legging – Black and a jacket. If you want to make things a little simpler then you could always wear a maxi dress. I stay pretty cold so I made sure I had something warm in my bag.



The extras I chose to bring were mostly food related. I heard a lot of other girls talking about coconut water and how it helped them feel extremely hydrated after giving birth but I tried it and about vomited. Instead I chose to bring Gatorade and let me tell you it was a lifesaver! As for food I brought some granola bars for Matthew and oatmeal packets for breakfast. (I am not a huge fan of hospital food). The last thing I brought was water wipes for Waylon. Since a babies skin is so sensitive you want to make sure to have some on hand.

Things I Didn’t Use

Finally, there were a few things I did not end up using. The first was my birthing plan. Because there was so much going on I totally forgot to give it to my nurses. Surprisingly, I didn’t use my black robe. Nor did I use the stool softener, pregnancy tea or breast pump.

I know this may come off a little overwhelming so I tried to make everything as organized as I could. If y’all have any questions please ask!

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