Friday, January 27, 2017

My Reality Check

I experienced a reality check yesterday while standing in line at the post office. A woman in front of me was getting her box together to mail. I noticed she had a small infant strapped to her in a baby carrier so I decided to strike up a conversation to pass the time. Over the course of a few minutes I learned that her husband was deployed and he had left only a month after their baby was born. She has no family/friends that live near by. She is raising a newborn completely on her own in a town that is not used to military families. (This alone is scary because if you are a first time mom you know what I mean when I say that you freak out over everything!) And to top it off it is also her husbands very first deployment. As I proceeded to walk to my car, I set there for a moment and watched as she struggled to get her three month old out of the baby carrier and into his car seat. (Not trying to be a creeper).

On my way home many things ran through my mind. I honestly can be my worse enemy at times. I practically have been raising our son on my own with some help from family/friends on occasion. I find myself comparing myself to all the other moms who had babies around the same time I did. I see how all of them are almost down to their pre-pregnancy weight and they get to work and cook and put make up on. It gets to me. Yet, I have to reassure myself on a daily basis that I do not live the same lives as them. They have husbands who either work from home or don’t work at all. They have at least more help than I do. So when I saw this poor woman in line at the post office it was like God was trying to tell me how good I do have it.

Now that I have experienced a piece of motherhood I can tell you that the first few months are absolutely horrible and wonderful at the same time. Being a stay at home mom has had its perks but it also means there is no relief. While working moms worry about who to leave their baby with and missing out on big moments, being a stay at home mom has made me feel unaccomplished and drained. I could not imagine doing this all on my own in a place I have never been to before. It really made me see things from a different perspective.

I just thought I would share this with you guys. I know being a mom is hard and we all have our days. If you guys ever need anything please let me know!

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