Thursday, April 20, 2017

How To Overcome Postpartum Depression – My Story

Postpartum depression is a depression that occurs after childbirth. This is my personal story and details to how I overcame my symptoms.

Finding out I was pregnant was a huge shock for me. I spent the first trimester on the couch sicker than I have ever been in my entire life. The second trimester though was a breeze. I felt like an entire new woman, full of energy and happy. When my third trimester finally came I began to have severe back and hip pain. Sleep became nonexistent and my hormones started to go crazy. Our water bill had risen to $80 at one point because most nights I just sat in the tub and cried. Looking back, I can’t even tell you exactly what I was crying about. Maybe it was a mixture of pain and being scared about the future

Right after I hit 32 weeks, I went into preterm labor with our son. For three days the doctors tried everything they could to stop my labor. It was honestly more painful than me actually giving birth. Monday morning came and I was sent home on bed rest for three weeks. I felt like this was probably when I began to form early stages of depression. I hated not being able to drive and relying on other people. During all of this it never hit me that I was getting worse. If you have read Waylon’s birth story you will know all the craziness that took place after giving birth. It was not until he was a week old and I was setting back in the hospital for him to be monitored that I really new I had postpartum depression.


The doctor walked in and pointed to the dry erase board in front of me. It had Waylon’s information on it and at the bottom it read: Goals – Sleep! She then told Matthew that I needed five hours of sleep a night minimum for me to get to a better place. The only problem was that Matthew worked from 7am-10pm and when he came home he would pass out. Nothing changed and I continued down a very hard path. Around two months postpartum I called my mother one day sobbing. I told her that there were three things I needed to do daily in order for me to get better. First, start my day with God’s word. Even if it was a simple devotional. Second, I needed to do some form of working out for 30 minutes. Last, I needed to focus on my business and growing my audience.

By my third month I started to finally notice a small change in myself. Another blogger and I talked and she recommended me trying essential oils. Since then, I have been rubbing Balance by doterra on my feet to help me feel a bit more level. I am now seven months postpartum and I am not going to lie when I say I still have my moments, nothing like before but still it is very hard being a stay at home mom. My biggest struggle was not feeling accomplished. Feeling as if I didn’t get to do everything I wanted before I became a mother, and then feeling guilty for thinking that way.

There are many people who have a misperception of what postpartum depression is. I had many of them tell me that it meant I did not love my baby which is absolutely insane to tell someone. Yes, there are many women out there who have postpartum that feel as if they do not have a bond with their baby. However, this does not mean they do not love them. Everyone’s symptoms are completely different. My symptoms included: sadness, frustration, worthlessness, exhaustion, no energy, excessive crying, loss of appetite, social withdraw, poor memory, lack of concentration and poor self care.

So if you think that you may be struggling with postpartum then my first question to you is what is it that makes you feel good about yourself? Once you find those things then focus on doing them even if it is only a few minutes a day or once a week. Give yourself something to look forward to because otherwise you will get stuck in a very hard place. Remind yourself of how blessed you are and that things will get better with time. You will always stress about your children but that is just part of being a mother. If you do need to seek help then don’t feel ashamed. You have to be better so you can be at your best for your baby. Don’t let people try to make you feel like you are some freak for struggling with postpartum depression. Stay away from those that aren’t trying to lift you up but instead bring you down. You WILL get through this!

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