Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Repairing My Lightened Hair Using Olaplex

Two weeks ago I went to the salon. I was needing something different so we decided to balayage. Being a cosmetologist I know quite a bit about how hair works. So with any form of bleach comes some damage. If you go into a salon wanting to lighten your hair then you must know your hair is not going to feel the way it did before. Also, make sure you are going to someone who  knows what they are doing. Luckily, I go to the gal that actually taught me while I was in cosmetology school.

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Anyways, after the process was all said and done I picked up a bottle of Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment, 3.3 Ounce . If you are looking into lightening your hair then definitely try to get into a salon that offers these products. It is going to cost you more but your hair will thank you in return. Sadly, the salon I go to doesn’t offer Olaplex services or products. (Hints the reason why I went on and purchased it myself).


I am sure you are wondering why I purchased the No 3. If you are unfamiliar to Olaplex then you may not know they have a 3 step system. (This is why I said try to get into a salon that uses their products). The first is actually mixed with the lightener and then the second is applied during your time at the shampoo bowl. No 3 acts as your take home product. I have used my Olaplex twice now and I have seen a huge difference in how my hair feels. I am no longer experiencing any dryness and I can tell there is a  change in the texture. This product has blown me away and I had to share it with you guys because I know Spring is right around the corner. In the hair world this usually means most women start to lighten their hair.

If you have any questions regarding Olaplex or hair in general please let me know.

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