Thursday, January 18, 2018

What Makes Me Different

I am not your typical blogger. Blogging is my passion and I take it very seriously. However, I don’t seem to fit in to the norm. For a long time this has bothered me but I am starting to realize that my differences are what makes Pinups & Pearls unique.
For example, a lot of bloggers focus on one main category and sometimes two. Yet I have multiple categories that range from motherhood to wellness. I have reconsidered trying to push one or two categories but then you guys would miss out on some of my favorite products and recipes.
The second big push for bloggers is to constantly put out content and honestly if I had the time I would. However, being that I am a mother to a sixteen month old, fifteen weeks pregnant, and my husband is active duty leaves me not much time to do anything else. My time alone is limited to one nap a day and usually I take Waylon down our driveway and set in the car to blog. Meaning I do great if I get one posts a week let alone two.
Social media is huge when it comes to blogging. On Instagram, the push is to get one post a day and I do well to brush my hair once a day. I have had numerous companies contacting me about buying followers and I refuse to do it. I would rather have a small number of true followers than those I paid for. I have to say, it has been very hard to gain true followers. Most of the time on Instagram, people will follow you and expect to be followed in return. The next day they will then delete you just so they can have a higher number of followers. It is a crazy and pathetic game that I have no time for. I also see a lot of bloggers who keep anyone as their friend including fake accounts. As soon as I see that an account is fake they are blocked. I have no time for creeps and weirdos.
Overall, the biggest difference I would say is because of my husband’s job I am limited to what I can show and tell. I see a lot of bloggers who are very open about their lives and in a way I wish I could be like that. A lot of them have their husbands help when it comes to photography or watching the kids so they can work. Matthew takes the fashion photos for me but I am limited to once a month because of his crazy schedule.
So for those of you who have been following and supporting me,  I greatly appreciate it. I know I’m not your typical blogger but I do try to let you guys in on my crazy life. Hoping you will see that it’s okay to look a hot mess and have off days, that no one is perfect and its okay to be different.

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